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Who We Are?

Enterprises across the world, India included, are increasingly looking at optimizing the infrastructure maintenance and costs through the active and effective deployment of technology interventions.

India’s leading Facility Tech company, we are an on-demand corporate service platform designed specifically for businesses, built around the new age needs of Conscious Infrastructure and Predictive Maintenance. Our parent company is based in the USA, the global exposure that comes with it, and organized around four key clusters – Corporate, Commercial, Industrial and Residential (through our sister brand “Pepe by vrLocal”), vrLocal delivers gold standard on-demand, on-time, anytime technology integrated spaces improvement service bouquet.

Our verified and experienced team of professionals and pan India partner network bring expert international maintenance standards across companies’ specified requirement sets, be it Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance, Installation, Disinfection & Pest Control, Interior Design amongst others.

Servicing the Demands of the Future

The Covid pandemic has shifted the entire business and office landscape. Multiple reports by top industry forecasters like Gartner, Microsoft, Staples Corp and Accenture have predicted a seismic change in employee expectations from 2022 onwards. What does this mean for business and operations leaders? The demand to provide world-class infrastructure to ensure well-being, productivity and loyalty bring added responsibility to upgrade the office experience. We believe this requires expert intervention and a technology-centered approach. We aim to be that partner for you.


We focus obsessively on creating the world’s most compelling on-demand services company by prioritizing innovation, customer-centricity, and technology.


Our vision is to be the Gold Standard of quality in the global on-demand service space while unlocking the true potential of work-spaces by enabling Conscious Infrastructure and Predictive Maintenance

Value Proposition




On Demand, On Time, Every Time

Why Choose Us?

What we Deliver to our Customers

At vrLocal, our customer-centricity extends beyond just a service contract. We understand the operational speed-breakers and the pain points that business leaders face. We are here to solve them.

  • Convenience – Say goodbye to managing multiple vendors.
  • Transparency – Single-click visibility
  • Audit Ready Reports
  • Consistent Delivery – Experienced, Trained Verified Team & partners
  • Excellent RoI – Curated long term contracts
  • Predictive Maintenance – Peace of mind & Bottom-line effect
  • Flexibility – Multi-Service, Multi-Location contracts
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Commitment to Innovation and Quality

We have an excellent track record of providing our customers with constantly improving benchmarks, technology, material innovation and process excellence. As a customer, you can expect upward mobility of value without escalating costs because of our commitment to improving every day. This focus helps us:

  • Explore and deploy best-in-class materials, cleaning solutions
  • Servicing processes and checklists that save time and money
  • Unmatched customer support and availability
  • Deliver a solutions-oriented approach because we understand your business
  • Collaborative feedback and improvement loops

Our Torchbearers

Our Team