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The nature of our services is diverse ranging from Consulting to Facilities Management to individual services. Each service request will be governed by their own Cancellation and Refund Policies which would be covered in the Quotation as well as Service Level Agreements. However, a Client can cancel any confirmed service if they comply with the below instances irrespective of the nature and scope of the service

  • Client being unhappy with the deliverables provided by vrLocal.
  • Fee disputes between client and vrLocal.
  • Breach of confidentiality between client and vrLocal.
  • Client no longer needs the service of the provider because they are internalizing the services.


However, all fees due till the time of the cancellation as per legal contract, i.e. approved Works Quotation and/or Purchase Order and/or Service Level Agreement, between Client and vrLocal, will become payable to vrLocal immediately on cancellation.