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Employee Speak

The vrLocal Employees Manifesto

  • Growth Potential
  • Ownership and Confidence
  • Leadership Appreciation and Vision
  • Clarity of what our mission and vision is
  • How we treat our own office space
Photograph of Group Of Happy Janitors
second Photograph of partners shaking hands

The vrLocal Partners Manifesto

  • Fast-Tracked Growth
  • Continuous upskilling and quality improvements
  • Enhanced ease of new customer acquisition
  • Favorable payment terms and financial discipline
  • Always accessible, hospitable & solutions oriented vrLocal team

The vrLocal People Manifesto

As a global services business, we believe that our people are the cornerstone of our success. Our people walk into an ecosystem fueled by growth, business opportunity, upskilling potential and camaraderie each day. We believe that the office should be an oasis where people can find refuge, reinforcements and real value.

We do not compromise on:

  • Providing clear career paths and acceleration for all
  • Independence, accountability and leadership to each team member
  • Skilling, training and support to unlock true potential
  • Open and transparent feedback to identify strengths to amplify and weaknesses to address
  • Fair and equal opportunity employer position
  • Global human resource standards across all functions
Photograph of group of happy employees